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Let’s start with one very simple fact: every activity that wants to become popular needs a social media presence.
It really doesn’t matter if you run a small soccer shop or a MLS team. Social media is an essential piece of your marketing strategy.
Social platforms help you connect with your fans, members and customers, increase awareness about what you offer, and boost your reach around the country or even the world and not to mention for many…sales.
With 3.4 billion people around the glove using social media, for sure it’s not a passing trend. Our Goalkeeper Academy is present on the most popular social media platforms. Our reach for example on YouTube has grown rapidly in the past 12 months and since we launched our channel it became easy to see why video marketing is becoming more and more important. YouTube is an amazing free tool that has given us a worldwide reach


More and more online sports groups and organizations are using videos every day. YouTube has several advantages, one of these advantages is that you can start up a video channel on YouTube and post regular video updates that are entertaining as well as informational and that market your website and your product.

Another advantage to YouTube is that since 2010 it has become a very popular social media website and by developing a relationship with people on YouTube you can send them to your website to see in detail your services and what you can offer them. I’m ready to bet that many of you didn’t know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine worldwide (after it’s big-brother Mr. Google). That is perhaps the biggest advantage. If you’re ranked well on YouTube, then people will likely find your videos. We’re doing our best to do just that and it’s working out pretty well. We now have around 2,000 subscribers and videos are watched over 1,000 times at least.

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Facebook is our second most active social media presence, with close to 5,000 followers and most of them within the United States. This social media platform isn’t a big thing among teenagers, it’s ore and more becoming a mom and dad thing, but in our case its what we want, we need to communicate with the parents of our goalkeepers!


Two billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family and to discover things that matter. We offer something that needs parent approval so Facebook is a 100% Must-Be social media platform for our Goalkeeper Academy and to advertise manly our events such as Goalkeeper Camps and Clinics.

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INSTAGRAM! 150 million people use Instagram every day and only 2.8% of users are outside the U.S, so it is an amazing communication tool for us that are US Based. Now hear this: Under-18-year-old’s use Instagram 42 minutes a day! WOW!!


We use this social media platform to communicate manly with our students or with other goalkeepers around the country. Currently we have around 2,300 followers and growing very fast. Instagram requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account, but there are a dozen of my students under that age that are following the Goalkeeper Academy page. However Instagram is safe for Every age As they have a privacy option that works a lot better than other social media platforms and if you are having a private account then no one can see your pictures or anything what you upload.

Our Instagram account can be found by clicking here

We are also present on Twitter and LinkedIn, but at this time these two accounts are “in-the-works” and will need a little more attention for them to take off, but we’re working on it 🙂