The New ZEE “Interceptor” and “Carbon Fiber” Pro-Goalkeeper Gloves

ZEE Professional Goalkeeper Gloves Fall-Winter Season 2020-21
Interceptor and Carbon Fiber 2.0 both use 4mm German Contact Latex

Our Carbon Fiber professional goalkeeper gloves are actually made with Carbon Fiber particles.

This is achieved by providing carbon particles in the latex in the form of flakes distributed in the latex material. The distributed carbon particles improve the abrasion resistance of the latex covering considerably.
The Carbon Fiber Latex (as of today is created by only one Asian manufacturer) will also be placed on our ZEE Interceptor “White” goalkeeper gloves.

The next generation of professional goalkeeper gloves is called “Interceptor”.

ZEE Interceptor Pro-Goalkeeper Gloves

As usual 4mm contact German latex punch zone in foam and negative cut.
The ZEE INTERCEPTOR Goalkeeper gloves are available in the US on our official Goalkeeper Glove website and the UK towards the end of 2020.
Available in sizes 5 to 11

Giga grip was once considered pro-level, until German Contact latex superseded it. Giga latex usually performs best when its slightly damp, but German Contact Latex will perform better in any weather conditions.
Some of the major brands will still use Giga grip on their cheapest range of goalkeeper gloves and most of the lower quality brands commonly use Giga on all their models.
There are people posting videos online and are trying to sell Giga Grip palm goalkeeper gloves like if they are the best. We guarantee you THEY ARE NOT!!!
ZEE uses only and exclusively 4mm German Contact Latex on all it’s professional goalkeeper gloves. NOTHING LESS!

Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) Backyard Goalkeeper Training and Workouts

Here are some great ways to stay safe and at the same time to stay fit during the Coronavirus – Covid-19 pandemic shutdown.
We created 4 videos combined into one that will illustrate how to train in small spaces. The first 3 sessions are 1v1 while the 4th is to show how to train with someone else and keep the best possible social distancing!

Stay safe, stay fit and stay at home!


A First Look at The New Munin M-Station P10 Rebounder

I really love when the ZEE goalkeeper school receives professional products to test, many times even before they hit the market. Knowing that our organization is the first to test such advanced and quality soccer training tools is exciting to say the very least. In this case we tested the Munin M-Station P10, the smallest soccer rebounder for field players and goalkeepers that Munin Sports has ever placed on the market.

It comes out of the box totally assembled and ready to put on the field. While opening the boxes and handling the rebounder for the first time, you could tell it has been built to last and to take a serious beating!

You would think because of it’s smaller dimensions that the frame and rebonding net would be made out of lower quality materials. That is not the case! The frame, and all fixing/moving parts are made out of the traditional Munin Sports extremely resistant materials, those same standards that have made their products world famous.

The rebounder has 5 changeable positions, each position takes 5-10 seconds to adjust and locks securely in place. Each corner is equipped with a special rummer gripped unit that allows the rebounder to be used on turf or on a gym-type surface.

Not to our surprise the Munin M-Station P10 when tested by 2 goalkeepers throwing a size 5 ball on both sides, it did not budge an inch, it remained in place and did not need the use of pins or hooks to keep the rebounder in place. “This was a first!” The dozens of “Other-Brand” rebounders used at our academy of these dimensions have always needed the assistance of tools to keep the rebounder still and fixed to the ground. As you can see from the video, the rebounder never moves even in rough training situations!

Incredibly easy to transport (folds in seconds), this is an advanced soccer training tool that can be used by professional soccer clubs, soccer academies… all the way down to kids in a back yard!

Great job Munin Sports!

The Best Equipped and High-Tech Goalkeeper Academy in the US

Game-Set or Real Game Scenario Goalkeeper Training is something that not many (if any) goalkeeper coaches can provide. It’s not a factor that the coach is incompetent, but rather him/her not having the equipment available to put the goalkeepers he’s training into that real game situation.

Please note: The goalkeeper coach that states: “Having a large inventory of equipment is not necessary to obtain the best training results” is either totally clueless or very cheap. These are the goalkeeper coaches that you should stay away from, far away as possible! Any GK coach that shows up to a session with a few cones and balls “IS NOT A GOALKEEPER COACH”.

The components of a Real Game Set Goalkeeper Training Session are maximally specific and very realistic, plus relentlessly repetitive and challenging to goalkeepers of all age groups, starters of advanced. Along with a very competent coaches dialog on what and how to react to a certain drill, the keeper is surrounded in what they see as an 18 yard box on game day. This is something that can’t be laid out with a few cones. You need a complete inventory of the most advanced goalkeeper equipment available!

We have it all! Up to date we have spent close to $30,000 in goalkeeper equipment, we intend to place a budget for 2019 of another $18,000, thus to guarantee the very best results for our goalkeepers.

Our academy located in Port Orange, FL is the largest year round goalkeeper school in the country and there is a very good reason why, parents and goalkeeper alike see what we offer and a goalkeeper just after a few academy sittings can drastically notice the difference, they will learn, they’ll take it all back to the game! Our Goalkeeper Academy is capped, we have goalkeepers that drive up to 6 hours there and back to train with us for two hours.

We’re not here to make big bucks and empty parents pocketbooks like other franchising goalkeeper academies do and have been doing for many years. Our GK Academy tuition is a third of what it costs any place else, our coaches must reach a very strict criteria, they need to be licensed (USSF or UEFA) and have plaid at least at a college level. Our camps come with professional goalkeeper gloves at no additional cost and still we are able to keep the tuition at half the price of what other goalkeeper organizations are asking.

Our philosophy is very unique in this sport full of greedy coaches, we re-invest what we make so that the goalkeeper in any situation is always the winner!

For any information regarding our Goalkeeper Academy or Goalkeeper Camps please contact us:
Tel: 352.226.4324

Zee Goalkeeper Training Academy Port Orange – Daytona Beach, Florida

ZEE is the largest year-round Goalkeeper Academy in the US, the academy currently works with over 50 goalkeepers from all over the Southeast of the United States and 70 resident goalkeepers right here in Central Florida. We have the largest inventory of specific and advanced goalkeeper equipment in North America, there is no other goalkeeper academy, school or even pro-program that is better equipped than us. We offer year-round Goalkeeper Training through our academy covering Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Deltona, Deland, New Smyrna Beach, Palm Coast and all of Central Florida, while our camps and clinics are available all over the country. Please feel free to contact us for a free training session.

Tel: 352.226.4324


Either you’re a beginner or an advanced goalkeeper seeking a spot to play in college our goalkeeping academy, training, camps and clinics will guide you in picking up all the pinpointed techniques and skills required to become a very competent goalkeeper. We cover the main and latest UEFA advanced techniques and skills of goalkeeping: Our students are shown College level warm ups, foot distribution, shot stopping, opponent vs keeper 1 on 1), breakaways, advanced handling. All of this to create a realistic game environment, where the Goalkeeper can comprehend in every detail the actions they need to take in every save and at the same time have fun!

Tel: 352.226.4324

All goalkeepers in this age group will work specifically on “What to do“ game set situations, taking their goalkeeper training to the next level and imitating during training the real-set game scenario. The components of a Real Game Set Goalkeeper Training Session are very detailed and specific but most of all very realistic, plus relentlessly repetitive and very challenging to goalkeepers. Along with the coaches dialog on what and how to specifically react to a certain drill, the keeper is surrounded in what they see as their 6, 18 yard box and beyond on game-day.

Tel: 352.226.4324

Goalkeepers at this young age should have fun and totally enjoy playing soccer in goal. There should be no pressure on them at all, that is the first rule at our Goalkeeper Academy. However, we will have our younger students jump right into the role and understand all the minimum aspects of the goalkeepers true reason! They like the older goalkeepers will train through real game set scenario drills, using many coaching points and Q&A sessions, so that the keepers truly understand the reason of every training drill and when to use it on the field.

Tel: 352.226.4324

Yes! We have our own goalkeeper brand of goalkeeper gloves!
We have gone to a great extent to create the very best possible goalkeeper gloves on the US market today and keeping the cost for less than $80.00. In reality any of the major goalkeeper gloves brands that are using the same identical materials as our Zee Pro-Game 2.0 are selling their gloves for $120.00 “or more” a pair.

Parents and students that use our goalkeeper academy understand that it gives great advantages that regular club goalkeeper training can’t deliver. We are known for creating in every drill a real game-set scenario, so that the keepers understand in full the drill and can execute it better and faster when put in the same position on the field on game day.
If you think that your child can take his/her goalkeeping seriously and you’d like to see them take their goalkeeping to a high level then I suggest you contact us to receive and invite for a free academy session.

Tel: 352.226.4324

My name is Rick Zucchi born in North of Wales in the UK, I lived and played most of my life in Italy, I then moved to the United States 20 years ago and I am a proud US citizen! I have been coaching goalkeepers since 1994, I am proud to say that one of them is my son Blake (age 8). I work with over 120 goalkeepers from all over the nation, starting with beginners that come straight out of rec soccer all the way to Division I NCAA goalkeepers. I own and run the Zee Goalkeeper Academy here in Port Orange Florida. Please feel free to contact me at any time!

Tel: 352.226.4324

ZEE Goalkeeper Camp December 27-29 2018 Port Orange – Daytona Beach Florida – Sponsored by Select Sports USA

The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy is very proud to announce the 2018 ZEE Winter Goalkeeper Camp December 27th through 29th in Port Orange – Daytona Beach Florida. The camp is ideal for goalkeeper ages 8 to 18.

The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy has had the tree largest goalkeeper camps-clinics in the Southeast US. ZEE is the leading and the largest “year-round” Goalkeeper Academy in the country and with now dozens of goalkeepers in Florida alone using ZEE for their weekly development.

Either you’re an 8 year old beginner or an advanced keeper aged 18, this goalkeeping camp will guide you in picking up all the techniques and skills needed to help you become a very competent goalkeeper.

The camp will cover the main and most of all the latest and advanced techniques and skills of goalkeeping: college and pro-level warm ups, advanced GK footwork, close shot stopping, 1v1, short and long breakaways, advanced handling and a lot more in our UEFA pro level curriculum. We create a realistic game environment in every single drill, where the Goalkeepers comprehend in detail the actions that they need to take in every single save!

We are very excited to announce that at this goalkeeper camp we will have with us NCAA Div. I Marshall University goalkeeper Paulo Pita.
Paulo in 2017 won the NCAA men’s soccer national championship with Charleston University and was awarded for 2 years in a row, best NCAA college goalkeeper.

Paulo Pita will be working with goalkeepers of all ages, but in particular and in detail with the 13-18 year old camp group. Paulo will open up the window on what it is like to train as if you were “like him” a NCAA Division I goalkeeper. The goalkeepers will have all their questions answered by Paulo and they’ll be able to collect all the insights and training methods on what it takes to become a college goalkeeper.

When: December 27, 28 & 29 2018
Time: 9.00 am to 3.00 pm (Lunch break from 12.00 to 1.00 pm – Lunch not provided)
What to bring: Water bottle (Water and Gatorade provided), lunch (snacks provided), sunscreen. Do not bring a ball or shin guards.
The venue will take place at Coraci Sports Complex in Port Orange Florida (5200 Coraci Blvd, Port Orange, FL 32128)


All campers will receive “included in the price” a pair of professional ZEE goalkeeper gloves. These gloves alone sell at retail for $79.99. Campers will also receive a Dry-Fit training jersey retail value $29.00 So as you can see you’re getting an amazing deal!


If you have any questions please contact the camp director
Tel: 352.226.4324