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The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy has gone to a huge extent to create the best goalkeeper gloves on the US market and keeping the cost for less than $80.00. Any of the major goalkeeper product brands that are using the same identical materials is actually selling their goalkeeper gloves for no less than $120.00 a pair. It’s a fact, please go and check online for yourself!

The ZEE Pro-Game 2.0 goalkeeper glove has gone through 4+ months of real on-field testing stages and whenever the “testing goalkeepers” came across something in the glove that could be improved in some way, we stepped on it, requesting the improvements necessary to the manufacturer, that quickly made the modifications. The backhand of this specific glove is now the same color of the coating, so when the paint slowly fades it will not lose it’s original color, we are the only GK glove supplier that uses 10 mm foam in a goalkeeper glove that costs less than $80.00. All latex used on our gloves is 100% German produced! 100% German latex is used only on high-end goalkeeper gloves such as the Nike Vapor Grip3 ($120.00) or the Adidas Predator Pro-GK ($119.00).

When it comes down to specific measurements you will notice that the description of our goalkeeper gloves is in deep detail, this is because 90% of the top brand named goalkeeper gloves out there on the US market that sell for more are actually using less quality materials.

Zee goalkeeper Gloves

Model: Pro-Game 2.0
Color: All-Black
Palm: Hybrid negative cut. 4+4 mm contact German latex
Gusset: 2.5 mm German latex
Back printing: New 3+4 mm German latex with white lead free printing ink.
Body: Air mesh with 10 mm foam.
Air Mesh on lower backhand, purlicue and finger joints allowing all hand to breath
Wrist: Soft expandable elastic – Fast hand insertions and removal
Double wrap 15 inch elastic strap.
Removable and adjustable 4th generation finger savers.

Here below we have an image of the palm of a ZEE Pro-Game 2.0 goalkeeper glove.
This glove has been used for over a dozen practices and four 90 minute games, as you can see the latex is still in “perfect conditions†besides a minor abrasion on the palm and another on the thumb.

4mm German Contact Latex

Because of its amazing grip and the extended durability this goalkeeper glove has now gone into productions, the first 1,000 pairs of gloves have already been delivered and are available on our the ZEE Goalkeeper Gloves website.

We believe that these goalkeeper gloves will be chosen for the price and most of all for the quality and not certainly for the flashy colors that most of the goalkeeper glove brands bring to the US market.
Our concept is that Goalkeeper gloves have to first be very functional, they then have to feel good on the hand and for last they can also look good. however, if you’re missing the first two elements, then you went and chose the wrong pair of gloves.

Rick Zucchi
Zee Goalkeeper Gloves