The Best Equipped and High-Tech Goalkeeper Academy in the US

Game-Set or Real Game Scenario Goalkeeper Training is something that not many (if any) goalkeeper coaches can provide. It’s not a factor that the coach is incompetent, but rather him/her not having the equipment available to put the goalkeepers he’s training into that real game situation.

Please note: The goalkeeper coach that states: “Having a large inventory of equipment is not necessary to obtain the best training results” is either totally clueless or very cheap. These are the goalkeeper coaches that you should stay away from, far away as possible! Any GK coach that shows up to a session with a few cones and balls “IS NOT A GOALKEEPER COACH”.

Winter Goalkeeper Camp Florida

The components of a Real Game Set Goalkeeper Training Session are maximally specific and very realistic, plus relentlessly repetitive and challenging to goalkeepers of all age groups, starters of advanced. Along with a very competent coaches dialog on what and how to react to a certain drill, the keeper is surrounded in what they see as an 18 yard box on game day. This is something that can’t be laid out with a few cones. You need a complete inventory of the most advanced goalkeeper equipment available!

We have it all! Up to date we have spent close to $30,000 in goalkeeper equipment, we intend to place a budget for 2019 of another $18,000, thus to guarantee the very best results for our goalkeepers.

Our academy located in Port Orange, FL is the largest year round goalkeeper school in the country and there is a very good reason why, parents and goalkeeper alike see what we offer and a goalkeeper just after a few academy sittings can drastically notice the difference, they will learn, they’ll take it all back to the game! Our Goalkeeper Academy is capped, we have goalkeepers that drive up to 6 hours there and back to train with us for two hours.

We’re not here to make big bucks and empty parents pocketbooks like other franchising goalkeeper academies do and have been doing for many years. Our GK Academy tuition is a third of what it costs any place else, our coaches must reach a very strict criteria, they need to be licensed (USSF or UEFA) and have plaid at least at a college level. Our camps come with professional goalkeeper gloves at no additional cost and still we are able to keep the tuition at half the price of what other goalkeeper organizations are asking.

Our philosophy is very unique in this sport full of greedy coaches, we re-invest what we make so that the goalkeeper in any situation is always the winner!

For any information regarding our Goalkeeper Academy or Goalkeeper Camps please contact us:
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