ZEE Goalkeeper Gloves

The New ZEE “Interceptor” and “Carbon Fiber” Pro-Goalkeeper Gloves

ZEE Professional Goalkeeper Gloves Fall-Winter Season 2020-21
Interceptor and Carbon Fiber 2.0 both use 4mm German Contact Latex

Our Carbon Fiber professional goalkeeper gloves are actually made with Carbon Fiber particles.

Carbon Fiber Goalkeeper Gloves

This is achieved by providing carbon particles in the latex in the form of flakes distributed in the latex material. The distributed carbon particles improve the abrasion resistance of the latex covering considerably.
The Carbon Fiber Latex (as of today is created by only one Asian manufacturer) will also be placed on our ZEE Interceptor “White” goalkeeper gloves.

The next generation of professional goalkeeper gloves is called “Interceptor”.

Interceptor Goalkeeper Gloves
ZEE Interceptor Pro-Goalkeeper Gloves

As usual 4mm contact German latex punch zone in foam and negative cut.
The ZEE INTERCEPTOR Goalkeeper gloves are available in the US on our official Goalkeeper Glove website and the UK towards the end of 2020.
Available in sizes 5 to 11

Giga grip was once considered pro-level, until German Contact latex superseded it. Giga latex usually performs best when its slightly damp, but German Contact Latex will perform better in any weather conditions.
Some of the major brands will still use Giga grip on their cheapest range of goalkeeper gloves and most of the lower quality brands commonly use Giga on all their models.
There are people posting videos online and are trying to sell Giga Grip palm goalkeeper gloves like if they are the best. We guarantee you THEY ARE NOT!!!
ZEE uses only and exclusively 4mm German Contact Latex on all it’s professional goalkeeper gloves. NOTHING LESS!