ZEE Nexus Goalkeeper Gloves

This is the finished product! Premium game day goalkeeper glove, the ZEE Nexus 2.0.

PALM: GLX 4mm German latex that provides optimal ball control in both wet and dry conditions. GLX Latex helps absorb shot impact and enhances grip from the wrist to the fingertips
Finger Cut: Negative cut for a seamless fit.
ZEE Exclusive: Added durability materials in key areas of wear and tear
Backhand: Perforated neoprene with silicone accents. The perfect snug-fitting one-piece backhand for second-skin fit feeling.
CLOSURE: Double Wrap-around elastic wrist with re-enforced velcro.
Fingersave: Safe-Flex removable and adjustable fingersave

Nexus goalkeeper gloves by ZEE